What is this?

Chemsex Benelux is an evolving poetic entity and NFT community commissioning digital art, music, and merch.

The inaugural NFT drop – Indiscreet Units – is a commission by artist Harm van den Dorpel. It consists of a selection of 266+ unique hue-rotating flags stored on the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.

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What does hue-rotating mean?

Whereas we generally tend to categorise colours as discrete units (i.e. 'red', 'blue', etc.) physicists define them as wavelengths on a continuum. On a computer screen, one method for describing a colour is by using 'hue', 'saturation' and 'lightness' as defining parameters. Hue can be thought of as an angle on a circular spectrum dial. By gradually rotating the dial, each tone cycles through all available positions on the spectrum, eventually arriving where it began.

Are you advocating for chemsex and/or Benelux?

It is not our intention to either condone or judge chemsex, nor to proclaim any position vis-a-vis the politico-economic union of Benelux. It is our desire to induce a state of pleasant disorientation when confronted with an unknown but uncannily familiar territory. We offer souvenirs to help you integrate the limit-experiences you never had.

Why do some flags have a red dot next to their name?

This means they have already been minted. A limited amount of tokens were distributed in advance to close collaborators and early adopters.


Indiscreet Units NFT by Harm van den Dorpel, graphic design by Enver Hadzijaj, music by Carsten Jost, strategic poetry by Victoria Ivanova.


You can reach us by email, send us a direct message on our Twitter or Instagram accounts, or join our public Telegram group chat.